Gr6 Mathematics Revision

per 60 min live interactive lesson for one student plus lesson notes
Each lesson you add to your basket costs R120.
Only 7 seats per lesson.
After you’ve paid, you will be able to download the Zoom lesson access details.

Please scroll down to the “Description” below for a full list of frequently asked questions and answers.


Choose a lesson topic and add it to your basket. Take note of the time slot. If you want another lesson, choose another topic and add to basket, etc.
If there is more information about what is covered in the lesson, it will appear when you choose the lesson.
If it says e.g. “4 in stock”, that means there are still 4 seats available for the lesson. If it says, “Out of stock”, the lesson is sold out.
To view what is in your basket already, click on “Basket” in the top menu. Make changes if you need to and don’t forget to update your basket.
You can click on “Shop” to continue shopping or if you’re happy with your choices, you can checkout.
Click on “Proceed to Checkout” from your basket or “Checkout” in the top menu and pay.
Please scroll down to the “Description” below for a full list of frequently asked questions and answers.

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What am I purchasing for R120?
The Zoom access details for one 60 min live interactive lesson for one student. Each additional lesson you add to your basket costs another R120.
Lesson notes, which will be provided at the end of each lesson.
One of only 7 seats in a small class to allow for everyone’s questions to be answered.

What does “download” mean? Where is the Zoom link for the lesson?
Once you have paid, you will be taken to a page with a “download” for each lesson you bought.
Click on the download link to download a PDF which has the link to access the Zoom lesson.
Here is an example of what the download looks like. Click here to download a sample PDF.

Where is the actual lesson? All I got was a PDF with a Zoom link.
The lesson will be presented live on the date indicated just before the topic at the time you’ve chosen. Each topic is on a particular day.
On the day and time of the lesson, your child will click on the Zoom link in the PDF you downloaded to attend the lesson.
If you have not used Zoom before, you will be prompted to download it. Please allow about 15 mins before the lesson starts to get everything set up.

What is covered in the lesson?
The topic describes what will be covered.
If there is more information about what will be covered, it will appear once you choose the lesson.

How do I choose a lesson?
Click on “Choose an option” next to “Lesson”.
You will see a list of lesson topics with dates. Note the date and time you’ve chosen.
Select the lesson you want and click on “Add to basket”.

I have more than one child in a grade. How do I buy more than one seat for a lesson?
Before you click on “Add to basket”, update the number from 1 to however many people need to attend.
You can also adjust the number of seats later during the checkout process.

My child needs to attend multiple lessons. How do I buy more than one lesson?
Click on the dropdown list you clicked on before next to Lesson and select another lesson and add it to your basket.
Keep doing this until you have added all the lessons you need.

I’ve forgotten which lessons I’ve already selected. Help!
You can view your basket at any stage to see which lessons you’ve bought.
Click on Basket in the menu at the top of the page.
To continue shopping after viewing your basket, click on Shop.

I have children in other grades and want to buy some other lessons as well. How do I buy everything at once?
Click on “Shop” in the top menu and choose the other grade subject you want to buy and add those lessons to your basket in the same way.

What happens if I lose the PDF with the zoom details? Can I re-download it?
Yes, you can.
Return to the Shop ( and login to “My Account”.
All the lessons you bought will be listed and you can download the PDF with the Zoom details.

The lesson I want to buy is out of stock? When will it be back in stock?
Once a lesson is sold out, you will not be able to buy access to the lesson and it will not be restocked.
There are only 7 seats for each lesson.

What if my child cannot attend on the day? Will I get a refund?
We cannot issue refunds as these lessons will be sold out quickly and the seat you bought could have been bought by someone else.
There will be a recording available.

Will you be offering more lessons?
Yes, we will be offering more lessons. Keep a look out for our newsletter & social media posts with lesson availability updates or email us on to let us know with which grade and subject topic your child is struggling and we’ll do our best to help. We’ll also add you to our mailing list if you are not already on it.